Nutrition & Health

Meals are the starting point to build strong, thriving communities.

We are well aware that the hunger crisis in South Africa has not yet seen its end and probably will not for years to come. We realise that in order to keep meeting the needs of our communities we have to offer a sustainable solution to hunger. We have implemented the planting of vegetable gardens alongside our soup kitchens in order to sustain this need. This in turn allows the community feeding scheme to become self-sustainable but also allows for economic benefit in that the produce can be sold.

We currently feed between 30 to 50 preschool children a day and up to 100 adults per week through our soup kitchen.

Our feeding scheme serves as the entry point to other program pathways.

The Carers

Extreme weather and economic woes are some of the factors adding to the food shortage, making it even more difficult for families to feed their children.

Displaced families have been unable to farm or feed their livestock and food prices have risen significantly.

Since children grow up within these families, it’s important for parents and other care givers to be included in our programmes.


Feeding Angels has committed to and invested in community gardens, allowing vulnerable families an attempt at sustainable living with relevant knowledge and assistance in growing their own produce, and further selling any excess harvest.