Welcome to Feeding Angels

We have discovered that for some, hope comes in the form of a bowl of soup or a bread roll. A large portion of what we do is centered around feeding the hungry.

A family’s breadwinners need healthy, balanced meals daily to give them the strength and energy needed to do their jobs and earn a living. However, more important is the need for growing children to eat healthy food every day. With proper nutrition, growing children have more energy and are able to perform at their best while in class.

Feeding Angels provide feeding schemes in South Africa, supporting impoverished members of our surrounding communities with hot, healthy meals, food parcels or basic staple groceries.

Among the families that Feeding Angels serves, one of every 5 children suffers from malnutrition. The tragedy of chronic hunger greatly increases the chances that young children will die. Severely malnourished children are 9 times more likely to die because they aren’t getting the nutrition they need.

Programs Run By Feeding Angels

Together, we can be the generation that ends hunger for South African Children.

Health & Nutrition

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The Carers

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