About Us

In the last few years, Feeding Angels’ community-based, holistic solutions have reached thousands of people living in poverty – building resilience and greater well-being in families and whole communities across Gauteng.

This wide impact is possible through a strategy of partnering with the local churches found in most low-income communities, inspiring hope and providing help to transform the lives of orphaned children, the homeless and elderly as well as adults of all ages.


Fair distribution of scarce household resources and reducing hunger among the most vulnerable.

Our portable soup kitchen is essential for making hot meals and sandwhich or food parcel distribution, giving us direct access to those communities in need.

Our goal is to launch 2 more Soup Kitchens in Hillbrow and one in Randburg during the first quarter of 2022 and by the end of 2022, we would like to have a minimum of 8 of soup kitchens in Gauteng.

With your help we can achieve that and feed more than 300 000 people.


At Feeding Angels, we believe that no one should live in abject poverty. With the right support, the right training, and the right resources, the bondages of poverty can be broken.


With your support, we can provide poor families in our communities with nutritious food and the sustainable training they need to survive and thrive. Together, we can be the generation that ends hunger for South African children.

With your help we can reach our goal, both food and monetary contributions are welcome. Feeding Angels can collect food anywhere in Gauteng.